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4 Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by ftvrrjim on

Nobody should ever claim landscaping is easy because it’s not. There are a ton of dumb mistakes; even the green thumbs make without knowing. And because we won’t love to see you make the same mistakes, we have compiled five landscaping mistakes you should avoid. 

1. Not Pruning a Shrub

Assuming you have a row of forsythia bushes around your home. Will you be ruthless enough to prune them? This is where most people make the mistake of not pruning the forsythia bushes because of the splendor that they provide during April. 

If you fail to prune shrubs such as forsythia at the right time can do away with the buds that aids with producing the fabulous blooms. Therefore, make sure to prune your shrubs at the correct time. 

2. Neglecting Hedge Trimming

If done correctly, your hedge could serve you a great deal. It could act as your partition with your neighbors. It could protect your home from intruders, or even give your home a perfect look. 

That said, failing to trim your hedge can be the biggest mistake. You should always trim your hedge to make sure that it doesn’t grow out of control. Usually, individual bushes may get out of whack if left without cutting. 

If you are serious about maintaining the neatness of your home as well as continue to keep your home safe from intruders, you need to trim or shear your hedge to give it a perfect look it should have. The best of all is that you can make your work easier by using a power hedge to trim your hedges. 

3. Girdling Your Trees

When we talk about girdling your trees, what we mean is that sometimes an Oriental bittersweet can warp itself tightly around a tree such that it become embedded within the trunk. 

The invasive vine is dangerous and can, in most cases, cause harm by strangling the casts and while also casting excessive shades within their canopies. Always make sure that you have checked their presence and kill any Oriental bittersweet before it matures. 

Humans are also known to cause this girdling. If you leave the label on a Crimson Queen maple for quite some time, the label’s string will find its way deep in the branch, which causes the choking of nutrients. 

4. Symmetrical Arrangement of Trees and Shrubs

Symmetrically arrangement of elements can bring a sense of elegance to your landscaping. 

It’s no secret that people love symmetrically arranged elements because they bring some elegance to your home. 

Usually, homeowners use this approach for foundation plantings. There’s a problem, though. The elements could give you extra work during maintenance since they are living plants.

If you love the symmetrically arranged shrubs, then you will have to prune them occasionally to maintain the pairs matching.  

It’s common to see shrubs that have grown on sides of house entrances where the homeowner intended to achieve symmetry. Homeowners usually do this intentionally. 

But you can trace some pair that was allowed to grow bigger without the homeowner knowing. In this case, you need to prune them and keep them to match the rest. 

Bottom Line

You now have a list of the common mistakes most homeowners make. You can always review them to make sure you are doing everything right within your home.